Talon Security Series

Follow the men of Talon Security as the ex military security specialists work together to protect the women they love and each other in this contemporary romance series. HEA. No cheating. 



I didn’t realize I was falling, not until my heart was lost in love with him.

After years of close friendship with former Marine and security specialist, Sid Masters, Samantha McAllister finds herself grappling with feelings far beyond friendship. After a line is crossed, Sam’s heart is broken in the process.

When Sam gets caught up in a web of deceit and violence that brings the Russian mafia to her door, Sid will stop at nothing to protect her. 

Samantha belongs with Sid; she just doesn’t know it yet. He’s determined to show her.

With the men of Talon at his back, Sid fights to protect his girl and to reclaim her heart.

This is the story of Sam and Sid.

Book One of the Talon Security series, can be read as a stand alone. 



Emerly Greer has been living a low-key life, content with her multiple jobs and her books. People are complicated; animals and kids are much easier to understand.

As owner of Talon Security, Travis McAllister has seen success beyond what he ever expected—causing the boundaries he's set around himself to grow ever thicker.

When their worlds collide, Emerly and Travis will discover what life really means—if they can let each other in to live it.

After Emerly is targeted following a robbery gone wrong, Travis and his team drop everything to protect her. Emerly is the first woman Travis wants to let his guard down for, that he wants to let in, and he'll be damned if he loses her now.

Book Two of the Talon Security series, can be read as a stand alone.  



After years working for Talon Security, Sarah Scott has settled into her life in Los Angeles. Her friendships are growing stronger, and that spark with a certain former SEAL... well, it just might be worth exploring. 

That is, until her ugly past becomes her present and Sarah sees no other choice but to disappear. 

Letting her go isn't an option. 

Theo Armstrong appears back in her life, determined to claim and protect. Sarah has a choice to make between letting the stubborn, occasionally maddening, always endearing man into her heart, or fighting to keep him out. 

When Sarah's past comes roaring into the present with violent results, Theo and the Talon team will fight to protect the woman he loves. 

That freedom Sarah has craved all these years may be within reach--if she can survive long enough to claim it. 

Book Three of the Talon Security series can be read as a stand alone, though it is recommended you read the other two books in the series first.